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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis the Season....

...for all things Christmasy!! I love this time of year. Folks seem to be happier and it is fun to go anywhere just to people watch. I am so fortunate to have great grandkids living nearby to celebrate the holiday with us. They make it so magical and fun.

I have all my Christmas cards signed and addressed and ready to go in the mail. I usually send a few a day just so I can tell when the mailman comes. And all of my shopping is done. Not sure how that happened, but hey, I'm not complaining, lol.

I have heard that unscrupulous people follow the UPS guy around and after he/she drops off packages, and after making sure no one is home, they go and steal the boxes right off the porch. Watch out for your neighbors everyone. If you see someone lurking about, call law enforcement.

I finished my quilt along with Lori Holt. It came out so sweet. I did an all over meander as the quilt is so busy any special quilting would be lost. If you notice, I have stopped hanging my quilts with a sleeve, I really like the clips on the rings. Much easier, and they actually "hang".

Another thing from Lori design boards. They are so cute and helpful when bringing pieces from the design wall to the machine. I had a couple I already made, but went ahead and used the rest of the foam board I had to make 4 more. You can get 6-10" pieces from each sheet. If you would like to make some, here is a link for the instructions. Mini Design Boards. I didn't use hot glue, I used tacky glue and it works great!!

Fixed another pair of jeans for ggs, Ryan. He loves these, though you would never know from his expression, lol. 

I started another quilt called Peppermint Twist. I was looking for something to dig into and found the pattern from several years ago. It is pretty. I have this block made, and all the others cut out. Good use for the design boards!!!

And this is how the finished quilt should look, lol. I am using only stash to make mine. I didn't have a large enough piece of fabric for the background, so I am using 2 fabrics similar in color. As long as I get everything where it should be, it will be awesome, lol. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Oh, I am also doing a little sew along/mystery with Temecula Quilt Co called 12 days of Christmas. They did it a few years ago but brought it back. Here are my 1st 6 blocks. They are 3 1/2 ' unfinished.

And a picture of our tree!! I love it. It's so fun looking at all the bulbs from years past. They all have memories.

Yesterday I made microwave peanut brittle. I highly recommend the microwave method. No blanching raw peanuts etc. Quick and easy, and it tasted just the same. Google it. 

I also made all the peanut butter balls for Buckeyes yesterday. Today I get to do the messy part of dipping them in chocolate. I love these so much that I package them in small amounts and freeze them so I can't just grab one overtime I walk by, lol. 

I'm going to make 1 batch of cut out cookies so the kids can decorate them this weekend. And Dave wants some of the cookies with the kiss on top. That's more than enough for us!!

Just looked outside and it is snowing!!! A good day to stay in and bake, and sew!!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the Twist & Shout quilt. I am seeing more and more people use the bar and clips to hang quilts - lovely finish. Your tree is very pretty and sounds like you have time to relax and enjoy it.

Lucy said...

Just love your Christmas quilt along. It is beautiful. The 12 days of Christmas is interesting. 719

pollyanna said...

Wow you have been so busy! So much accomplished. I love the way your house is looking, with all the special touches here and there. And of course the tree and the pup bed so close between the fire and the tree. And the peppermint twist is going to be so fun!

Speaking of New Year (we were, right?), are you still coming out to Cali for Road to California? I will schedule my visit to my mom's at that time (Jan 22-25). I think we have Lynn and (PonderPiggy) Sally onboard as well.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Love the christmassy wall hanging, sounds like you are all ready! Well done!!!

desertskyquilts said...

You have done so much! Love the Christmas finish AND the Christmas start.

Agy Lee said...

Oh my goodness, how can anyone do that with the presents? Hope that doesn't happen to your home!