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Sunday, May 28, 2017

What I've Been Up To

Hello. Summer is almost here, Yay! It has been nice to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine. Our garden is planted, such that it is. We only planted tomatoes, green beans, zucchini squash and green peppers. Can't wait for fresh tomatoes. And I'm hoping the birds leave my blueberries alone.

Most of my fruits are in my recent quilts. 😎

This is a top I did in another Lori Holt Sew Along. Its called Sweetie Pie. 

This top was done with the centers cut from the flowers in the Sweetie Pie Quilt.

 I just finished making these strawberries today. I still need to sew on sashings and 2 borders. Love this one!!!  All 3 tops need quilting. Thats next on the list.

Mackenzie is making this as her next project. You can see in the next picture she has the squares sewn together. Her Aunt Patty Hall gave her the pieces in a kit. She's doing well. Tomorrow we will layer and quilt it. Then she will make the baby on her next visit.

I have always loved David Bowie and his music. It was so sad when I heard he died. A few weeks later I heard that the UK was coming out with a commemorative stamp set to honor him. One of my friends from Scotland, Betty Brook, was kind enough to order and mail a set to me. I plan to get a nice frame for them.

And, finally, my new do. LOL. It looked like that for 1 day, and I have not been successful at recreating the look.

Hope all is well with all my quilting friends.