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Sunday, September 2, 2012


It's September!!!! Now if only the fall temperatures would arrive too. I am so tired of getting all sweaty every time I want to do anything outside. Hopefully soon the low 70's will come and make me happy. Dave is finally retired as of yesterday. So far so good. Yesterday we got to go to the Saturday Tailgate market in North Asheville (at UNCA campus) for the first time. What a lively place!!! It was so much fun, and we got some really beautiful red peppers, some apples, and small tomatoes. It goes on til December, wonder what kind of produce they have in November??

Speaking of September, I like to show the quilts I hang  each month, WHEN I remember to post them. :) So here goes:

This one I call floating birds. It's one of my favorites for fall. I used the monthly state birds fat quarters I bought several years ago.

This one is the Peculiar Mystery quilt I did a few months ago.  I like the red poppies a lot.

This is a monthly mini I did a while back. This is at least the second year these have rotated through.

A Patchabilities wall hanging. Pumpkins!! I don't really have a Sept Patchabilities, but I will by next year. Maybe this one can hang for October too.

Another of my favorite series of wall hangings. I love the sharp points on the pencils.

This isn't a quilt, but it is a wall hanging of sorts. My psaltery was kept in a case where I rarely saw or played it. I had my husband make me a wall hanger for it so it will be handy, plus I think it looks cool on the wall. Hopefully as the weather gets cooler I will play more often.

I'm working on finishing up a pineapple quilt, and of course the Doll Quilt for Sept. I will show them to you when they are finished.

Hope you all have a great day, and stay cool!!!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely minis - gosh, I should change out my decor.

Diane Wild said...

Fun to see all you projects. It's kind of hot here today, also. I would love some 70 degree weather for a change. It'll come too soon, I'm afraid.

Debbie said...

I love your fall wall hanging with the pumpkins, crow, and the cart! Just beautiful.

DragonPoodle said...

Happy September! Great post, enjoyed seeing your wall hangings.

Lucy said...

Thanks for sharing all your hangings.I love the apples and the

* said...

I love that you change your quilts out monthly. I am working on some to change out with the ones that have been on the walls for 6 years. I don't make many small quilts (that is changing, too) so I change my bed quilt monthly. ;-)

quilter000 said...

Nice show and tell . I have to get my pumpkins started. I have been working on other things and always enjoy seeing what others are doing.
Cooler here tonight going to be about 38 degrees they said! that is cool to what we have had .

Roma said...

Where are you?? Hope all is well for you..