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Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilting Withdrawal

I am so wanting to go into the sewing room and sew!! But, some life changes have occurred. First just got back from a vacation at Marblehead Ohio, on Lake Erie. 2 grandchildren and their spouses and kids plus Dave and I made 11 people. We had a blast. My great grandchildren are all under 5. Have to show a picture. They are sooo sweet!!!

I hadn't seen them for quite a while, but when we saw them, the little one on the right came running to me!! A full heart for the whole week for sure!!! I did take an afternoon away from them to visit with a quilting friend. We went to her quilt shop, The Nautical Needle, in Port Clinton, OH. Really nice shop, and of course I just had to buy something. There was also a quilt show there on Saturday so Dave and I slipped over to look. If I ever had to move back to Ohio, Port Clinton would be the place.

So, needless to say, I cried most of the way home missing the babies. But son Jack was here when we arrived. Spent another day with him before he had to fly back to California. So, more crying.

Then the BIGGIE. MIL has moved to Ohio to live with Dave's sister. So for the first time in a long long time, we are footloose and fancy free. So this week all I have gotten done is go through papers, clear out "stuff" for a garage sale, and move things around. Yesterday I got the computer moved into the house from my sewing room in the garage. Today we are going to try to get the bedrooms changed around. And of course, despite MIL being a pain in the butt, I find I miss her. Lots more crying. And going through pictures etc brings back so many memories. It kind of feels like we got divorced, lol. But soon life will get back to normal.

Hopefully by next week things will be arranged and I can get back to doing some quilting. And some baking using my new mixer, lol.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a bunch of cuties!! Glad you had a fun,safe trip. Oh, another chapter written into life. Soon you will be in full swing.

black bear cabin said...

Wow...sounds like a wonderful month for you!!! I am happy to hear your MIL has moved in with the sister for a have taken on the responsibility for quite some time, and its time for you two to enjoy some time alone together :) Besides, the break is probably wonderful for ALL of you :)
What a bunch of cute glad you got some quality time with sure you'll visit them again soon! hugs and enjoy the new found freedom :)

Pokey said...

What sweet babies, so many under 5! I bet something was causing laughter everywhere you looked! What a special time together for everyone. I know you will enjoy the alone-ness without MIL, even though it sounds like so many changes in a short amount of time. & so...what color is your mixer? Is it one of those big ones? You will enjoy it, too!

Brandie said...

They really are adorable! What an eventful trip. I'll get some recipes sent your way soon, I promise!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

What a great bunch to spend a week with! (your profile says 4 ggc. - do I count 5???)

Gosh so mil moved out, did you know she was going? Does this mean you can get a dog???