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Saturday, July 14, 2012

On my design wall, and a finish

I have actually been somewhat productive lately. Finished one quilt, and started piecing another. The finished one is the Peculiar Challenge quilt I did a while back. It came out nice. All that's left to do is sew on a hanging sleeve, as  this one will get a time on the wall in our bedroom. The quilting is just a freehand back and forth alternating directions with each small block. I did some sewing in the flowers to give the look of petals too.

The quilt I'm working on is called Fun and Games by Bloom Creek. I have had this pattern for quite a while, it is so pretty. I used one of my 30's prints charm pack, plus added a few from my stash. For the borders it asks for pin dots, which of course, I only had one, in grey. So had to go to sisters house and beg some from her, lol. I'll show more pictures as I progress. The missing corner is under the needle on my machine....

Going on vacation to the North Coast starting Monday. Know where that is?? Lake Erie, lol. Will get to see all of my grandkids and great grand children all at the same time!!! I will definitely show some pictures.



Cheryl Warren said...

Love those 30's prints--this is going to be a cute quilt.

I used to go to Geneva-On-The-Lake back in the 1970's. it was a favored resort area for bikers back then (the nice kind, not the criminal kind). Wonder what it is like now? Will you be on that part of the "North Coast"?

Pokey said...

Good to see your creative fun, I like both of them. The top one is happy with its red petals popping out at you!
I know you will enjoy your trip and being with the grans, take pictures ~

Brandie said...

That grey quilt is a real beauty! It's visually stunning!
The 30's looks great too.
You have been a busy woman. Have you been mixing and baking? Ready for some bread recipes? Cakes?The best ever blueberry pie?

weidemama said...

Hello Wilma
Your quilts are a dream!
Have fun on vacation and have fun with the grandchildren and great grandchildren you wish Wilma

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love what you did with the grey quilt - just a perfect 'pop' to it. Enjoy your trip - I'll wave across the waters to you.

Lucy said...

What a clever quilt gray and
white and with the red flowers
growing up. Have fun at the
lake we have been to Pe Lee
Island in Lake Erie 2 times.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I just love that gray with the red. It pops!

But help, how do YOU applique things like that? I botch it up every time. Every single time.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Two lovely quilts. Have a great holiday