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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Peculiar Post

First, let me say that we did not get Duffy. Went out to the Humane Society at about noon, and he had been adopted that morning. I was bummed. Now to wait til another dog comes along and steals my heart.

Now onto the peculiar. My little online group, ABC Quilters, did a mystery quilt called, The Peculiar Quilt. I hate mysteries. I like to see what's ahead so I make my quilt look nice, but that wasn't allowed. So I picked 2 fabrics and dove in making the blocks. On the last step, I didn't have enough of the dark grey, so I had to add one more print. The last step was: Assemble the blocks any way you choose. Well poop!!! So I played with them making larger blocks, but I couldn't fond a way to evenly disperse the 3rd color. So, I just did the blocks in order in rows and columns. THEN, it looked so bland. So I added a few stylized poppies, and now I love this quilt. My sister thinks I should add leaves, but I like it plain.

BINGO!!!! I finally got a bingo yesterday in the May for Me festivities. Have to check to see if anyone else got one too, cause then there will be a drawing to see who got the prize, and I am not lucky when it comes to drawings. We'll see. But win or bot, it is FUN!!!.



Sheila said...

I know what you mean about mystery quilt. My time is too valuable and fabric too expensive to just start cutting and sewing together blocks and not know where things are going. Ending up with something that I look at to say if only I'd have known, I would have used that fabric here instead of there and being bummed out and want to throw it in the trash.
Congratulations on the BINGO! I had one more block to Bingo. So close.

weidemama said...

Hello Wilma
Too bad that it should not be with the dog, it's definitely another!
The quilt with the poppies is you have succeeded very well, I think it is simply the best!
I wish you a wonderful Sunday and slightly warmer temperatures, Wilma

Gari said...

This is a lemonaid quilt. I like it.

black bear cabin said...

the flowers really make the quilt! very nice! :)

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Sorry to hear Duffy had gone, did m.i.l approve of another dog, or were you just going to tell her? I love the poppies, I've never done a mystery quilt, for the same reasons as you, and Sheila's comments

DragonPoodle said...

Those poppies absolutely make the quilt! Love it.

Lucy said...

Sorry about the dog. He was so cute. The red poppies really set off the quilt. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Duffy, but that only means there's another dog out there who will need YOU. I like the background of that quilt, imagining it without the poppies - it was a nice quilt then. However, the Poppies really add a special zing that brings it way past nice. Good choice!

dezertsuz at gmail