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Monday, May 7, 2012

Old Blue Jeans, and a Dog(maybe)

Dave had a couple of pairs of jeans that he outgrew, so I looked around to find something to do with them. Here's a couple of things I came up with:

An apron. Pretty much self explanatory from the picture. Just cut under the pockets, up the side seam, and around to the front under the waistband.

This is a little purse I made from one of the back pockets. I actually made 2, and gave one to my daughter. I carry this all the time. I originally had a denim strap, but I wanted it to be adjustable, so I took the strap from something else I had.

BINGO....NOT!!! LOL. The May for Me bingo game is going slowly, but sooner or later, we are going to have lots of bingos. I need just one, B-peace sign......

We just finished putting in the garden. We usually wait til May 15, but the weather shows lows in the 50's til then, so we're getting it over with. Now to just watch it grow. I can't wait for tomatoes.

I have wanted a dog since Buddy was put down 2 years ago, but I have resisted the impulse. BUT, yesterday I went with the Hiking Hounds from the Humane Society. Every other Sunday they have a group of volunteers take some of the dogs out for a hike. Well, the dog we walked was just the cutest thing. His name is Duffy, (and coincidentally I had an Uncle Duffy), and he just touched my heart. He's a smaller dog, and Dave was concerned about him hiking with us, but he did 2.5 miles yesterday and kept right up with the big dogs. And if after a long hike he gets tired, he is small enough to carry, lol. Here's his picture.

Look at that face. Awww. We are going to go there tomorrow so Dave can meet him, and if he likes him too, we will have a dog. (We will contend with the MIL after the fact.)He's got curly hair so he shouldn't shed near as much as Buddy did. I'll let ya know.



weidemama said...

Hello Wilma

with this cool apron work is much easier on the hand!
I like it when clothing worn to sew new things will be taken!
The dog is very cute, he is on to you at home?
Greetings from Wilma

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love what you did to up-cycle those jeans! And Duff is a cutie.

Sheila said...

Most excellent ideas!

Paula TheQuilter said...

Potholders. Denim makes perfect potholders. Several layers but don't fray the edges due to fire hazard. Duffy is a cutie.

Gari said...

Old jeans are great. I made a patchwork quilt, a large bag I used/use for a briefcase, purses for my mother, daughter, granddaughter and myself, and placemats. And I really hope Duffy comes home with you. He needs you and you need him, too.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Oh Duffy is cute (so is the denim stuff, but not quite as cute). The dog people worked that well - get the dogs walked, and rehomed!!

Anonymous said...

Love the jeans ideas. I see you have Ingles in NC, too! That dog face - who could resist it?

Roma said...

The dog is cute. And I had a miniture husky named Duffy.. And yes he was named after Uncle Duffy
by Marc.
Hope things work out for this to happen.
You look cute in the apron.. LOL

quilter000 said...

cute all of it. hope the dog works out for you. will need a sitter to go away. no bingo for me either.

Lucy said...

Duffy is so cute he is saying take me home. I love the apron too.