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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Spy

I finished an I Spy quilt for great grandson, Ryan. Now I don't feel that he is neglected by my sending girly stuff all the time, lol. I made it as a ticker tape quilt. The backing and middle were both flannel, and the front cotton. I hung the backing on the wall, used spray baste and placed the middle, more spray baste and put on the front. Then as I cut out the pieces, I spray basted them onto the front. I didn't want to wrangle the quilt on my Bernina as I was afraid all the pieces might come off, so I put the quilt on my frame. I just connected the top and let the rest hang over the bar and did a free motion circle twice around each piece. It went pretty fast and I'm pleased with how it came out.

I washed it and all the pieces stayed intact and just a little fraying. I think he will like it!! I was surprised at how heavy it is from using all the flannel.

Now, a little brag about my son. He is all grown, but he is still my little boy, lol. Anyway, he got a grant for research and received this letter from his congressman in California. COOL!!

He is a fine man.

Not much else going on. It's starting to get hot here, which will be nice for the holiday weekend. Just wish we had more family nearby so we could have a cookout. Sigh. Maybe someday....



Roma said...

The quilt is great!! And Ryan will have fun searching for the differnt things. Did you make a list of some the harder ones see?
And I see you did put his name right in the middle.

Congrats to Jack!! I'm sure he is really happy too. As you and Dave are..

Brandie said...

What a great way to do an I Spy! Your Great Grandson will absolutely love it!
That's a great accomplishment for you son. He has to be super thrilled!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a fun I Spy! And congrats to your son AND you.

Gari said...

What a great idea for a quilt. I may need to make one for my ggson, too. And, we will be in NC the end of June: Blowing Rock. I expect to do a lot of up and down hiking. :-0

Lucy said...

Congratulations on a your son who can do wonders with his grant. It is great to have a smart son who uses his talents.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

A happy great grandson, and a happy son - well done!

Sheila said...

Love your I SPY quilt!
Congratulations. I know you are proud.