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Friday, June 3, 2011

Pay it Forward?? And the Jelly Roll Race.

I signed up the other day for a Pay It Forward thingy with Benta at SlikStitches. I'm supposed to have 3 others sign up to do the same thing, but I find that many people don't want to obligate themselves to making gifts to send on at a later date. So, what I am going to do is to randomly pick 3 people who respond to this post and send them a little something. Now, what you, or they, do with the gift and if you/they decide to send a little something to 3 other people, that's your/their choice.  It's always nice to get an unexpected gifty in the mail, right?

I did the jelly roll race last week, it was so much fun. And you ended up with a cute quilt top in just a couple of hours.

I used a Christmas roll. Here are the directions I used from the Heirloom Creations Blog:

Warm Up Lap:
Sew all 2 1/2” strips on a diagonal into one long strip. (Like sewing binding together).
Before the Green Flag Drops…
DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP… From one end, cut off 18″ of the sewn together strip and throw it away. This will  randomize the location of the diagonal seams throughout the quilt.
Green Flag = GO!
Find the beginning and ending of the 1,600″ long strip. Placing each of the ends right sides together, start sewing. This will be the longest seam. When the end is reached, cut the jelly roll strip apart and finish the seam.
Pit Stop #1
The strip will now be 800” long. No need to press; it can be all be done at the end.
Lap #2
Locate the beginning and end of the 800” strip and start sewing them together. When the end is reached, cut the jelly roll strip apart and finish the seam.
Lap #3 – 5
Repeat the same process a total of five times! Each “lap” will take half the time to sew as the lap before!
Press all seams the same direction and trim sides even. Borders are totally optional. I personally like the size that this quilt finishes without adding anything extra. Just quilt and bind as desired.

Quick and easy.



Roma said...

Well you didnt ask
does it have to be a project I have made?

Hand Quilting Nana said...

I have to agree. You do live in a most wonderful part of the country.

I'd be glad to pay it forward. I make art quilts for the alzheimer's initiative and also donate quilts to other worthy causes.

Always willing to pay it forward.


DragonPoodle said...

Thanks for the jelly roll directions! I've just finished organizing my stash and in the process cut lots of 2.5" strips. I've made 2 bargello quilts but am always looking for good ideas.

if I "win" I will do exactly as you did and send 3 without requiring a commitment. Good thinking!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I made the jelly roll race quilt in a X-mas strip too and just love it. A fun afternoon project. My daughter wants to try one and I have ordered a couple of JR's for our sewing play date.

I have done two Pay It Forwards (6 people) and have the last one ready to mail out next week. I don't know if all of my participants have followed thru on their end, but I fullfilled my part. I like your idea.

Marcia said...

Thanks for the jelly roll directions...easier to follow than the website or video!

I love getting gifties in the mail...especially the "surprise" ones! I would love to send out three "surpies"(as we used to call them) to unsuspecting people!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I love the way the Pay It Forward has evolved - great idea! I also love the jelly roll race - 1600 inches, that's over 100 feet ( too late at night to do the maths accurately!) - gee that's a lot! Hope it doesn't get tangled, but a great result!!

Rosa-Munda said...

I'd like to take part in the PIF, and I'm sure I could manage to make three little gifts to pass on the kindness. Ros

free indeed said...

I want to try that roll race sometime. Won't be till fall because of company I'll be having off and on right through to Aug. I'll be so hungry to stitch by then :)

Tonya said...

I hope you do well with your Pay it Forward. I attempted and only got one to sign up. I have another idea for it that I am going to release sometime. On the same wavelength but a bit different.

The jelly roll race looks fun!

Vesuviusmama said...

That jelly roll race is clever. I, too, do Pay It Forward. I have finished one of my three gifts and I have another here with me on vacation to work on. I think my ideas were a bit too ambitious - it is taking me quite a while!