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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have made a few things with my Bliss winnings. I made MIL a purse, she picked out the fabrics and I kind of made up the purse as I went. Came out cute. There are 2 pockets on the outside on both sides. I didn't put pockets on the inside though. I never put things in my inner pockets anyway, unless it's something that I will never use. PLus, I carry very little in my purses. She liked it a lot, which is the most important thing. She found our I was selling stuff at Stacie's shop and she wanted to be the first person to buy something from me. So I have made my first 20 bucks, lol.

I also made a small quilt from the polka dots in the bundle. I am going to do a bunch of straight line quilting on this one.

And I am in the process of making a larger quilt called Picnic from the Scrap Basket Sensations book. Here's a picture of it done up in Bliss, but this is not mine. I have just started piecing it. Not sure how I will lay mine out though.

I am really getting a lot done from my winnings. Thanks again Cotton Way and Moda!!!

The blocks for the Block Lotto (see sidebar) are the split 4 patch this month, in reds and WOW. I made 4, will see if I get time to make more.

And I made 2 basket blocks for a swap in my small quilt group ABC Quilters. If you like small groups, come join. We're having a retreat in Ohio Amish country in September...)

I guess that's all for now. It's raining quite heavily, so I guess it will be mall walking for me today. Boring.....but I need to keep walking as I started Weight Watchers yesterday and hope to stick with it for a while. Then when I get home, I will continue piecing on the picnic quilt. ( It's not really for a picnic, wonder why they named it that??



Myra said...

What a pretty purse - I just love those fabrics and am making myself a purse with them now too. :o) You have been busy. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the bag - nice mix of colors from the line. I don't use pockets inside either - have a little card holder I made for punch cards/credit cards and money (mini wallet).

Love all your blocks and works in progress. I want to make the disappearing 4-patch in red/whites, just so classic.

Glad you had your 1st sale - I think that's family. My 1st commissioned piece was a family member.

Love all the photos - hmmm, I think Wilma is enjoying retirement.

Lucy said...

Wilma, I love the tote and the colors are just great for Spring.
I want to try and make the 4 patch I have done the disappearing 9 patch but this is so much nicer.

Gari said...

I really like your basket blocks. How big are they? And, I would love to go to retreat with you but Ohio is way far away from South AL.

Carrie P. said...

OH, it is fun to win fabric. You have been very busy making some really pretty things.