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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Now don't you just love the mugrugs? They are so cute and fast and fun! I sometimes use old orphan blocks I have laying around. Just make a little quilted block, then trim it up and bind it. I have had non-quilters thank me for the little piece of art that I gave them.

I have a friend, Melanie,  who went back to school for her BSN, and graduated with a 4.0. We had a little get together for her at, of all places, the Fun Depot. We played lazer tag and rode the bumper cars and the go carts. Even took a turn in the batting cages. ( Man, I use to be such a good ball player....)

Anyway, I found a mug I wanted to give her, and I just had to make a mugrug to match. (The rug is a bit wrinkled as I had it all rolled up in the mug before I remembered to take a picture.)

She liked it. (The mug says: "A good friend knows how you take your coffee. A GREAT friend adds booze!!)

Today I'm hoping to get a quilt on the frame. I have been itching to run the old Juki and try some new freemo patterns.

Enjoy the weekend.

Wilma NC


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your sewing. Isn't that a cute rug - and I really like the mug! Great gift.

Sheila said...

Really cute mug and rug. Love the saying on the mug. I had a friend/coworker that when we had to go to after work picnics always brought a bottle of Bailey Irish Cream in her purse for that one purpose. It made for a delicious cup of coffee. Have a great weekend!

SandyQuilts said...

Booze ... maybe that's what I need to get well (sick a month now). Darling cup and rug ... I haven't made any of those yet but they're on my list.

Pokey said...

I've been looking for the right beginning rug to try, your strips and checkerboard fits the bill. I LOVE simplicity!

Gari said...

I have really like the mug rug and I want to make one. It's just that I have so many projects either going or on my list that I can't find a place to do one. But, maybe I will be able to make some for gifts next year.

Lucy said...

That mug rug is so cute and I love green.

pollyanna said...

How cute! I just discovered the mug rug too and made two for a little swap :) Yours is so pretty. Lime green...the new neutral. I love lime green!!

black bear cabin said...

that mug and rug is really cute, but i especially love the saying on the mug :)
i did the bright colors of your new blog background too...very cheery for the middle of winter.
now get to work on that quilting, id like to see what your working on :)

Vesuviusmama said...

Great mug AND rug!