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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I am not finishing anything...

I just seem to be flitting from project to project with little rhyme or reason.  I'll show you what I mean, lol.

Today was my 3rd sock knitting class, I actually TURNED THE FLIPPIN HEEL!!!! I have heard that term so many times, and now I not only know what it means, I can do it. See??

Now to do the darned gusset...Knitting socks was my first goal for retirement. So far so good.

I am participating in the Block Lotto (see sidebar) this year with the great hopes of finally winning once, lol. So, this is what I've been working on also, but until February 1st the blocks are a secret!!! So I can't show you all of my mess. But you can see a small pile of my scraps that I'm using for the blocks.

I bought fabric to make this quilt some time ago and work at piecing it in between other things. It is yellow and grey and Kona snow.

And last, I am in the process of piecing a back:

So I can get this quilt top on the frame.

It's from a jar swap, and I put them on shelves in a cupboard. Soon I hope it will be getting quilted.

So, at some point I should be finishing all these things at the same time, right??



quilter000 said...

Wow I need to finish mine as well. Michelle sent her blocks home with me the other day. It would be fun to get hers together and given to her for her home when she gets to move back in. Patty Yours looks very nice indeed

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wilma - don't dispare! I work several projects at once - keeps me from getting bored. THey either finish on their own or in groups - and it all feels good. I just love the way you set your jars - how clever. Oh, I love working with Kona Snow and buy it by the bolt I use it so much (also Kona Black and now they have a great charcoal). As long as you are having fun, enjoying your process - it's all good.

black bear cabin said...

i have so much respect for knitters, cause its something i was never able to pick up :(
i like what youve done with your jar blocks...i have a whole bunch of them and need to put them in a quilt...i was thinking a couple table runner would be fun, but i would love a pantry too! enjoy that retirement!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh I like what you did with the jars. Did you think that up or did you have a pattern?

Sheila said...

I am so like that. When going through my fabrics Sunday, I found 2 quilt tops finished years ago, folded and forgotten! BTW Cute mug and mug rug gift. So want to learn to knit socks.

Lucy said...

Congratulations the sock is great. I know how to knit but never did anything that complicated. The colors are perfect.

Pokey said...

Lookie what happened, Wilma ~ we are winners on the Block Lotto!