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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears!!!! Oh My!!

Had quite a start the other day. I decided to make some applesauce , and when Dave went to take the apple peelings to the compost bin, look what we found. Big old tracks across the driveway, and out compost bins are broken to smithereens. Think it was a bear?? He walked through our garden to get all the mud.

 Man!!! He tore up the compost sides and even broke some of the boards.

No more composting for us, lol. 

I've been sewing on some blocks for the Block Lotto. I hadn't joined in for quite some time, but figured since I'm retired I might as well. They are always fun.

Getting 3 more Solatubes put in today. Finally this place will not look like evening all the time. These things are the cat's meow. :^)

Now to remove a binding that I screwed up. I tried sewing it from the back and top stitching it down on the front, but I don't like the look, so I'm going to do it over.

I went to my first sock knitting class yesterday. I doing the socks made using 

4 double pointed needles. I got a good start, and after an hour and a half, and 

making only 6 rounds, I found that I had lost 3 stitches. I asked the teacher 

what to do. She looked at me and smiled while others were snickering, then 

she pulled it all out!!!! And then she proceeded to replace what I had 

done in about 7 minutes, all while she was talking to others, lol. The 

ladies there say she just loves to undo mistakes. The teacher is from 

England and is a real hoot. 

Only 5 more classes to go and I will be able to knit socks, I hope!!!



Nanato4 said...

Oh. My. Word. A bear? That would be the end of me going outside!

Lucy said...

My sons have deers but gosh you have bears!!! Good luck on knitting socks that sounds interesting.

black bear cabin said...

sorry about your composter, but that is hilarious! the guilty party totally left a trail :)
i never learned to knit, but i enjoy watching others knit away! enjoy your class :)

Myra said...

Man he really smashed that thing to smithereens! Best of luck on your knitting adventure, sounds like you are with a great group.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is why we don't compost, but old 'Smokey' still comes to mess with the bird feeders at least once a year. He may come back to see what else is new - sprinkle some moth balls or moth crytals/flakes - they hate those as well as other feasters.

Vesuviusmama said...

We have bears, and we have compost, but luckily, they haven't met yet. Good luck with the socks! My sister knit me some socks for my birhtday this year, and they are my absolute favorite pair!