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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas cheer

We finally have some decorations up in and on the house. Thought I would show you a few. We had the house painted green this year, so it already looked kinda Christmasy. We decided not to put up everything this year, as we are still enjoying looking at the floors and cabinets and don't want to be distracted, lol.

Oh, the colonscopy went well, one little polyp found and removed. That whole thing was a strange experience. The prep really wasn't bed. I took Colyte. The taste wasn't bad at all. It was hard like it is hard to drink 8 glasses of really cold water in about an hour. I did really want something other than clear liquids after the first day though. The procedure itself was easy. The only thing that hurt was the IV. I think I intimidated the LPN who put it in as she knew I was an RN on the IV team. :^) Anyway, although I didn't say anything, she made a poor vein choice that kinda stung the whole time. But as long as it got me the drugs....and I can't say enough about the drugs. Fentanyl and versed. I swear I talked to the doctor the whole time and even kind of remember looking at the polyp, but it was over before I knew it, so I must have slept some. And absolutely no discomfort. I wonder if that is  what the so-called "date rape" drug does. It could really come in handy on those nights that hubby is amorous and I'm not, lol. (Just checking to see if you're still reading this...)

Everyone should have their screening colonoscopy when they are 50. No excuses.


It's a beautiful, sunny day here in NC.



Nanato4 said...

Glad to hear that your colonoscopy (both parts) went well ... and that you got a good report. Blessings!

Roma said...

All the decorations look great..
the tree is pretty..

Now about the colonoscopy, I am happy you got yours done, though you were 10 years past the 50 mark.
So why did you wait so long? LOL
Just teasing you sister. you know I love you..

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Glad things went well for you. I love your little Christmas count down hanging - how cute and different. ANd the red work is so delicate. I have gone the "minimal" decorating and love it. Warm and no snow - I will be there. We are in single digits - which means I don't go outside.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Thanks for reporting back....I'm so glad you got yours done and encouraged others to do the same. It is not pleasant, but it is important to do it.

Lucy said...

I love your red work. It is beautiful and a lot of work. I like the green house. Green the color of grass is the color we painted my sewing room.

black bear cabin said...

glad to hear all came out well! Your house looks beautiful, and i LOVE your redwork quilt! enjoy the fabulous weather :)

Kim D. said...

Good News on your colonoscopy! Your Christmas Quilt is beautiful and it looks like it's getting cold in your neck of the woods. Nice photo's!