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Friday, December 17, 2010

All Caught Up

Well, I'm all finished with my Christmas Shopping. That's always a relief. All of the packages have been sent and received, so the grand babies should have lots of stuff to unwrap and play with.

Speaking of grandbabies, my little Carter is just the cutest thing, and his mom, thanks to her smart phone, sends all kinds of pictures and movies all the time. Here's a movie of him  in the snow for the first time.

He is trying to make a snow angel, lol. Dave and I walked into Weaverville the other day right after the snow storm, and the temperature was in the teems. We had on so many layers that I could barely bend my arms. I felt just like Carter looks, lol. Gosh, I want to hold him so badly!!! I think I will have to make a trip to Ohio as soon as the weather gets nice.

And here he is with the box I sent my presents in. Kids, lol.

OK folks, I am down to 1 more day of work til I retire. Tomorrow I am there as an extra person, so I will have time to go around and say goodbye to all of the nurses I came to know over the past 12 years. It will be sad, and I know I will cry, but I will also be soooo happy not to have to deal with illness anymore.

Oh, I added a page on my blog listing the books I have recently read called, "Books I Have Read", lol. There is a link on the sidebar. I just started doing this and thought if you needed some recommendations for good reading...

Merry Christmas,


Nanato4 said...

Once you're retired ... you'll be able to make that trip to Ohio!! ;-)

I'm so excited for you ... I remember my last day before I retired. Bittersweet. But I LOVE being retired!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Funny how kids (and cats) just love the boxes more than the gifts? Quilty hugs on your retirement.

Pokey said...

Congratulations on your retirement, Wilma. I love the grandbaby pictures, so fun to see the babies enjoy any thing and everything!

Gari said...

Congrats on your retirement. It seems like it was a very short time ago that you were envying me for already being retired and now you are joining the ranks. I know you will enjoy being in charge of your time, it's great!

Lucy said...

Congratulations on your retirement.
You little angle is the cutest.