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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A new Thanksgiving experience

All of the renovations are done (except for the Solatube that will be installed today...) and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This year we are having no visitors, and since we're going to be staying in town, we decided to eat out for Thanksgiving. Dave and I have never done this , even once, in our lives so it will be weird, to say the least. I do miss the family dinners we had when my kids were little, but things change, and children grow up. My son lives in California now, daughter in Ohio, 1 grandson and family live in Minnesota, the others are in Ohio. Everyone is spread out but hopefully all will have a great holiday and know that we are thinking about them.

There is a very nice restaurant called the Weaverville Milling Company Restaurant that is about 2 miles from us. It has a very good reputation, but for some reason we have never eaten there.  Could be because it's only open Thursday through Sunday, but for whatever reason, that's where we're eating our Thanksgiving dinner. We're actually kind of excited. But we're baking our own pumpkin pies to have for dessert when we get home. Some traditions just can't be changed.

I hope everyone has a very nice holiday.



Candace said...

Our usual group of 20 to 25 has dwindled this year also and our leftover group of about 7 or 8 are going to Cracker Barrel. Like you, we will have dessert at home later, but ours will be fudge and Rice Krispies treats. Maybe a vegetable tray and little weiners because we get hungry easy. As you say things change, but they can still be fun. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Roma said...

Well Sister, if you get real bored or hungry stop by , I will feed you..
I hope you enjou the meal.. they do have good food..

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wilma, alot of my family now do the restaurant meal - with desert home. I will only have my son and his GF and I told them if the weather was bad to stay home. But I have an extra "thank you" prayer for the season as my 2nd grandson arrived 2 weeks early- all doing well. Many Blessings to you and your family.

black bear cabin said...

having someone else cook, serve and clean up after the meal sounds good to me :) its nice to try new things...embrace it and have a ball!!!
Happy Turkey day :)

Gari said...

The first time we ever ate out on a holiday was when our pipes froze on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day the only place open was Chinese (the food was great). From then on whenever we were going to be alone on Christmas we go out for Chinese, a new tradition.