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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, a Change of Plans, and Fried Noodles

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving!!!

We had a little change of plan for our meal. Originally we were going to go to a restaurant for dinner, but as Dave and I were looking through the refrigerator and pantry yesterday, we saw that MIL, Rita, had purchased a turkey breast, stuffing mix, sweet potatoes, potatoes, stuff for pumpkin pie, and rolls. When we asked her why she bought all those things, she said she was going to cook them on Friday so we could have leftovers. Geez. Can you say passive-aggressive?? So we cancelled the reservations last night, and we will be cooking all this food for just the 3 of us. And we WILL have leftovers. LOL.

Dave and I always have noodles in the pantry, as one of his favorite things for Thanksgiving is fried noodles. If you have never had these, you are really missing out. And they are easy peasy.

Use the thicker noodles, (homemade are best but didn't have much time...), we use Kluski noodles which we have to buy every time we go to Ohio.

Anyway, cook the noodles as per instructions and drain, and let cool. In a large frying pan melt butter, and then dump in all the noodles and fry and turn until some are light brown in color. You must always pick at the noodles too, to make sure they taste right. And that's that. On your holiday plate, place the noodles between the turkey and the sweet potatoes. The juice from the sweet potatoes runs a little into the noodles, YUM!!! Or, you can do like my husband, and most other people, and put gravy on them. Go figure. We only have these at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it's not because they are hard to make, just special.



Tonya said...

those fried noodle sound lovely....i can't have noodles, i have celiac, but my husband will love these

Myra said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I have never even heard of fried noodles - I will have to give these a try.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Hi Wilma, everything sounds lovely, especially one that's new to me ~ fried noodles! I gotta try that.

I hope your day is warm and tasty!