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Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost finished!!!

The renovations are almost finished. Yay!!! All that is left is for the plumber to come at about 2pm today to hook up the dishwasher, and the new faucet and drains etc for the sink. I think everything looks beautiful. And even with all of MILs things, there are still several shelves and the whole upper corner cabinet (lazy susan) that has nothing in them. I love the countertops, they are made of quartz and are supposed to be virtually indestructible without all the maintenance of granite. Here are some pictures.

 The faucet looks crooked because it's just sitting there, it's not hooked up yet, lol.

Having the combination microwave/stove vent really opened up some counter space.

 And this new cabinet by the refrigerator even gave me some counter space of my own, although the silverware drawer and the garbage can is in the cabinet below.

And a couple of more pictures of the finished floor.

We all just love what has been done. It's like living in a different house.

Next on my list.....Hopefully next week I will be getting a Solatube with a vent fan put in our bathroom, depends on when they can do it. Ours is an inside bath with no windows, and the vent fan barely pulls any air. So, this will help with the darkness problem and hopefully with the moisture also. I'll show you that too when its finished. Then maybe I can get back to some heavy duty sewing.

Speaking of sewing, all I have managed to get finished is several mug rugs. I'm giving them as birthday presents to my quilty friends in the ABC Quilters group. (We welcome new members, but like to keep the group fairly small and personal.) I will post pictures of my mug rugs soon.

That's all for now.



Roma said...

WOw, the undet the cabinet lights really made ahuge difference in the kitchen.
And the counter top is so right for the room..
I will stop by one day after it is all done.

Wanda said...

It turned out beautiful. Love how warm it is.


quilter000 said...

Wilma and Rita the floors are beautiful and the new kitchen cabinets are too. I like the counter top as well. good job . enjoy it all quilter000

Lucy said...

I love the counter top it is beautiful.

black bear cabin said...

it looks beautiful...and i love your tiny little nook above the trash can ;) enjoy!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

THe kitchen looks great - love the choice of counter top. But I really LOVE your wood floor - they did a terrific job with this.

Gari said...

Your kitchen and floors look great. I know you will enjoy them for years to come.

SandyQuilts said...


SnoWhite said...

This is beautiful!! I love the wood floors. Wow.