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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making labels

How do you make your labels? Do you label everything you make? Or just the large quilts? I used to only label the large quilts with labels I designed with Paint Shop Pro and printed out on pretreated fabric. But I decided I wanted to put little tags on pretty much everything I make. So this is what I came up with.

First, I went to the Avery label place online, designed a business card the way I would want my tag to look, then printed it out on pretreated fabric. Oh, I purchase my pretreated fabric by the yard from the CJenkins Co. I have used their product after the first time I did the whole procedure with the Bubble Jet set stuff. Too much work, lol. (And I just noticed that they sell scraps of the pretreated fabric now for 1.99 a pound, they would be perfect for the tags I make. )

I like the Avery Method because I can make them in color. But anything on pretreated fabric tends to fade a bit with time and washing. This picture is of a sheet I printed. (The ones on the left are messed up cause my printer didn't do what I wanted, but I didn't want to waste the sheet so I printed over it...)

I cut them apart, fold them up, and sew down the sides. I sew these down with the bindings. I only printed the 20 so I could add the year with a pigma pen.

The second way I make my little tags are with rubber stamps. I have used 2 companies now and they are both very good, and very prompt. I like the rubber stamps because I can use them on any fabric, and it doesn't doesn't have to be pretreated. But, unless you are willing to do all the work of using multiple colors, the labels are black (or whatevever color you choose) only. Here is a stamp I received in the mail only yesterday. They ask what you want on it, and that's what you get. This one I got from Simon Stamps. It came in about 3 days and the total cost was $19 and change, which included shipping. I use the archival stamp pad which I bought at a craft store. I love the stamps because they are fast, and they do not wash out no matter what!!! No fading at all, ever.

My picutures are very light for some reason....but here's a tag made with that stamp. This one isn't sewn up the sides yet.

I have another stamp purchased from Sweet Papery. They do good work, just not as many choices.

Here's the one from them sewn on under the binding. (Dang camera too light again.) 

I love these little tags. I can even put them on place mats I make for gifts. Oh, and I used this one once for a signature block exchange I was in. There were over a hundred blocks to sign, so I used my stamp.

Today I am going to rest up and try to completely recover from this shitty head cold that went to a sinus infection. One thing I like about quilting, you can even do it when you're sick, lol. 



Emma said...

I've started labelling my quilts by signing the backing with a quilt-safe marker (like those used to mark quilting designs) and usually putting the date (month and year) the quilt was finished and sometimes a little message with it too. Then I embroider it in a contrasting color.

DragonPoodle said...

That's great info about the stamps not fading.

I have an embroidery machine and I embroider on the back of each quilt: my name and town, the name of the quilt, the name and town of the recipient, and the year. Sometimes even more, like the name of the class and teacher that led to the quilt. I'm a wordy person and I love my embroidery machine for putting text on quilts.

But I haven't been labeling anything else. Now that I know about the stamps I will definitely start doing that.

great post, very helpful information, thanks!

Roma said...

Wilma, I will visit on day soon and watch how you do the stuff from Avery..
Get better and rest.. Tunn the AC off..

Gari said...

I also do machine embroidery and use that to label my quilts: I like to add an embroidery design that goes with the quilt. On placemats I use a pigma pen to put my initial and the year (very small). I like the idea of the stamp, especially for quilted garments.

quilter000 said...

Well first you need to finish something,!!@ that has been a while for me but when I do I normally hand write it on fabric and sew it into the back as I sew the binding on the quilted item.
I bought a package tonight from JoAnn fabric store and plan to print off some small labels for the small things now Will let you know how that turns out thanks sister !1 Oh LUV U

Vesuviusmama said...

I never thought of using a stamp - what a great idea!