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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sure looked like Christmas here this past weekend. Beautiful. But it sure does close everything down quickly, lol. They are not too good with the snow removal here in NC.

We stayed warm though, burning in the fireplace. We also had water since we get city water, that makes all the difference in convenience, believe me!! The folks across the street had power, so we ran LONG extension cords from their house to our house, then we could even see to read, and we plugged in the refrigerator so the food didn't spoil. It was only 3 days, but seemed longer, lol. Pictures of the winter wonderland are below.

I have to work on Christmas, my last one ever since I'm retiring next year. I guess it could be worse, I could be a patient instead of the nurse. Count our blessings, right? But I hope everyone has a great holiday and get to spend lots of time with family.



SandyQuilts said...

Oh Wilma you will LOVE retirement. The fun, the sleeping, the pj's, the food ... and more fun.


Sarah said...

Beautiful pics!!1 I am in upstate NY and we didn't get any snow at all! It does make for a beautiful Chrsitmas...enjoy!

Myra said...

Beautiful pictures Wilma! Merry Christmas!