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Friday, December 4, 2009

December stuff

It's beginning to look alot like least at our house. We put up a small tree (decided to leave the big one in storage, too much work, lol), hung several of my quilty decorations, and put garland and bows on the front porch railing. It looks nice.

I also finished the December Country Calendars for myself and Sarrah. Kinda sad to have them all done, but there are many more projects to start!!!

I also finished the last of the monthly tea towels that I made for Sarrah. I like this one, it's a cutie.
Well, you would think I like Sarrah or something huh? She is a wonderful granddaughter-in-law, and I love her even more because she appreciates all the handmade things I give her. Plus, she gave me and my daughter Mackenzie!! (I guess Alec helped a little, lol. )

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. I am working on Christmas day, so we will be celebrating a little early. But it is still a great time of year.

Love to all,


Veronica said...

Your BOMs are great! I thought about using a sky background but opted instead for a plain muslin since I have to make four of them! lol The tea towel is too cute. Lucky Sarrah.

Myra said...

Oh I love the December quilty! How cute and clever.

Thearica said...

Howdy neighbor! I live up here in Henderson! Those towels are so cute!!