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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sewing Area Revisited

Finally took pictures of my sewing area. It is rearranged and has 2 improvements.

My new ceiling fan. Now I don't need to keep the heater/AC on all the time to keep the air moving.
The front part.

Design wall near door.

Middle of room with ironing board.

Bernina sewing area. The garage door is metal so I can use it to hang things with magnets.
Stash is still a little messy, I need to get to folding fabric.

Superquilter setup, now I don't have to move it to use it.

View to the back.

My new window. Fresh air!!!

Another front view.
So, there it is. I am happy with the layout. If only it would dust itself, lol.



GARI said...

Your room looks so neat/clean. and I know about the stash. I have taken to refolding each color group whenever I return fabric after completing a project. Of course, if there is not enough to return to the shelves, nothing gets folded. Problem there!

Carrie P. said...

Such a great place to make your creations. I will always have a ceiling fan in my sewing room. They sure do make a difference when you have to do a lot of ironing. Enjoy!

Kim D. said...

Great sewing space Wilma.. I like the new fan.. If you find one of those dusting people send them my way. :)

lisa said...

I just finished re-folding my stsh. I'll happily come over there and do it (sorry no dusting for me) I will warn ou, a piece or two might just not fold right and have to come home with me as punishment =)