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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No more blogging

For some reason I have been very lax, even bored, with trying to come up with what to put on this page. So, I won't be blogging anymore. I like to keep this page open though, just to be able to watch and follow the blogs I like to read. So, you all keep it up with all your patterns and tutorials, I'll be looking for them. I will post my quilt pictures on facebook, or on the forums to which I belong (Quilting Bee and ABC Quilters,, or if I know you personally, I will send pics via email.

It was a fun venture, but alas, I am no longer a blogger.
Luck to you all.



GARI said...

I am sorry you will no longer be blogging but I do understand the feeling. Maybe, when you retire in 2010 you will have more time and more adventures to write about, I know I do. And, feel free to come back whenever you feel like it.

sophie said...

I will miss seeing what you've been up to, Wilma.

Kim D. said...

I will miss seeing your projects, hope to catch them on the forum.

Jan said...

I will miss you Wilma, but will see you on the Quilting Bee Forum!