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Monday, January 5, 2009

NY mystery quilt and an anniversary

It is most important that I mention that Dave and I celebrated out 36th wedding anniversary on Jan 3. We didn't do anything as we both had to work, but it was special just the same. I love that man!! I'm grateful every day that we were lucky enough to find each other all those years ago. Scary to think we only knew each other 17 days when we got married. And they said it wouldn't last, lol.

This year I was actually off on NY day and was able to take part in the
Planet Patchwork NY Mystery. The finished quilt is called "A Big Fan". I hate trying to pick fabrics for a blind project, but we were told to choose fabrics that looked either oriental or like water. I chose water. I also used some directional stripes, but I think it came out nice even though I didn't place all the stripes going in the same direction. The rick rack I used is metallic, but you can't tell that from the picture.

There are so many projects I want to do this year, many of them BOMs. I'll tell you about them as I go.



Nanci said...

Hi Wilma, and yes you do live in an absolutely awesome State.
My cousin lives in Raleigh and it's beautiful. Nascar country too!
I am making overnight travel bags. I am going to use outdoor fabric in colours that the boys will like.
I'm awaiting the fabrics at my fabric shop. It's winter and they don't put out the outdoor fabric till spring.
I am going to monogram them too!
Good idea heh?

sophie said...

Happy Anniversary!

You are one of those amazing, creative, productive quilters. I don't know how you do it all, but I look forward to seeing all the projects you have in mind for this year.

Veronica said...

Happy Anniversary! You did a great job on the mystery quilt. Love the colors. Can we get a close up of the rickrack?

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the way your fans turned out!

Myra said...

Happy Anniversary! That quilt turned out so pretty. Very different from most of the mystery quilts you see.