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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I was tagged by my new friend Lisa Jo at Life at the Black Bear Cabin with the six picture meme. I had to go to my sixth folder of pictures and find the sixth picture, and show it and tell the story behind the picture. Wow, what fun, I'm new to blog world and new to being tagged as well, so here goes:

This is a picture from a fire tower off of the Blue Ridge parkway called Green Knob Fire Tower. Beautiful views from there. We are doing a challenge with the Carolina Mountain Club to hike to all the fire towers in western NC and have about 7 of them done. This was not my best picture as you can see my finger in the lower left side, lol. But I had to pick the picture according to the rules. Fun trying to remember where it was.

So now I'm supposed to tag 6 other people. Hmmm. Randomly (kinda) chosen, they are:

I have 2 blogging sisters, so they get tagged for sure:

Roma at QuiltinRoma She does nice work. She lives about 5 miles from me but I talk to her more on the computer than in real life.

Patty at Quilter000 and Her Small Studio. Patty makes alot of really nice stuff and is always giving me more projects to put in my "To Do" folder.

Quilter Jan She's an old friend from Quilting Passion Forum. This lady really cranks out the Linus quilts!!

gr8damesplace Another friend from Quilting Passion. And a fellow North Carolinian.

Quilting in Alaska Fran is a new friend who had joined the ABC Quilters. And she can see Russia from her house!!! LOL. Just kidding. She really can't.( I couldn't resist.)

Scraps from Sheryl Another QP friend.

Hope no one minds getting tagged. It is kinda fun.



black bear cabin said...

What a fun task you and your hiking friends have...i would love to check out the watch towers! Of course they have the best views...they have to be able to see for miles...just like your photo has proved! thank you for sharing and participating :)