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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bowed Psaltery

Betcha you don't know what a Bowed Psaltery is!! I didn't either until I started looking for a musical instrument I thought I could learn at my age (late 50's). I had played French Horn all through my schooling years but never played after I graduated. So, I looked at Dulcimers and violins and decided they were too hard to self teach. The psaltery was recommeded, so I checked them out, and bought one from a fellow in Tennessee, Rick Long, who makes them and demonstrates them at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC. I have fallen in love with this instrument. It has a special place in my sewing room, lol!! Here's a picture of my baby.

A friend of mine from work, John, plays the electronic keyboard. He is good!!! I showed him my instrument and he thought we should record some stuff together. He plays the accompaniment and records it, sends it to me, then I record my part along with his. It is fun!! If you would like to hear the 4 songs we have done, here are the links. We did Good King Wenceslas, Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth, Going Home, and Morning Has Broken, so far. Be prepared, the psaltery is a Appalachain-y sounding thing, not what you'd expect. And remember, I've only been playing this since June!!

Drummer Boy.mp3
going home finally.mp3

It takes me forever to learn the songs as I have to memorize them. You can play the psaltery and look at the music because there is just about a half an inch where your bow touches for each note. I'll bet I did drummer boy 40 times before I got through without a mistake.

I hope you enjoy the music. Just a little break from the Quilting Word.

Until next time.

Only 170 more working days til i retire!


Myra said...

Awesome Wilma! I downloaded Little Drummer Boy and really enjoyed listening. That was my grandmother's favorite Christmas carol and it is also mine.

Jan said...

Wilma--that was beautiful listening to your music--thanks so much for sharing with us! Morning is my favorite!

Veronica said...

I had never heard this instrument. You are doing great! Sounds like a professional recording! You go, girl! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed listening to them all.