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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Late already...

I really meant to post on the 1st, but so many things happen. Jeez. The main reason was after returning from our trip to California for Christmas, I developed the dreaded head cold from  hell, and it is just now starting to go away.

Had a great time in SoCal. Did some hiking, up a mountain into the snow!!!! Beautiful views though. Had a great Christmas with my son and his new girl, and did more hiking at Joshua Tree National Park.

Here are some pics.

Hiking up to the San Bernadino trailhead. We're in SoCal, it's supposed to sunny and warm!!!!
View from the trail. Worth the trek up there.
This is at the Oasis in Joshua Tree National Park. It was a cool  but beautiful day.
After lecturing my grown son on the dangers of rock climbing, I proceeded to get up on a rock and fall off!!! Bunged up my knees. You should have seen me tuck and roll, lol. No more of that stuff for this old lady....

Jack and Lisa got me these kits for Christmas. They picked the patterns and then bought the fabrics to go with it. You sure can tell my son is the child of a quilter!!! I have started on the twister tree. It will be so cute!!!

Dave and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on January 3rd. Went to see the Hobbit then out to dinner. Was a really nice evening. I even wore a skirt!! Tried to take a nice picture of us but just couldn't get back in time to get set for the timer. But here we are, as dressed up as we ever get.

The newest thing going on in my life is my grandson and his family are moving here from Minnesota and we have offered to let them stay with us for a while to save some money until they buy a house. They will be leaving to drive here on January 31st. I hope they stay til the end of the year, but it is up to them. We will be tickled to have little children running around here. I have missed being called Grandma!! So, life will be busier, and filled with wonderful noise for a while.

Hope everyone has had a good new year so far. I know I have.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wonderful photos - hey you clean up so nicely! No, really is a a great photo. Oh, a house full, but exciting.

Sheila said...

Oh my, Wilma. Great post and awesome pictures!!! So many things going on in your life. Picture of scrapped knees brought back memories. When I was a kid, I went through every summer with scrapped knees.
You and hubby are a beautiful couple Congratulations!

black bear cabin said...

looks like a great trip...and by the way, you have nice legs (even if they are banged up a bit :)
having family stay with you will be a lot of fun...there will be exhaustive moments, but all around lots of fun! look forward to hearing about all your adventures in 2013~

weidemama said...

Hi Wilma
Best wishes and love to the 40th anniversary, married for so long (we are 43 years together).
Well, that you think back to the sewing and patching, I look forward to new works from you.
I wish you a Happy New Year 2013, very best wishes from Wilma

Pokey said...

What lovely photos of Southern Cal, right nearby my abode. Happy Anniversary to you both, and I hope those knees are well mended by now ~

Carrie P. said...

glad you had a great time in CA.
Sorry about your cold and your knees but it looks like all is better from your anniversary photo. Congrats on 40 years.

Gari in AL said...

Once again you are in for a life change. I'm not sure I would be up to children again but I am so glad you are looking forward to it. Also glad to hear you are feeling better. This has been quite a year for colds and the flu. Happy New Year!

Agy said...

Lovely holiday, but sorry to hear about the flu and fall. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Have a great 2013!!

Agy said...

Hello! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :-)