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Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Quilts

I just love making little quilts, or doll quilts. They are so cute and don't take very long, and they give you something on which to practice your flatbed machine quilting. I sometimes join in the Doll Quilt swaps at The Quilting Bee (see sidebar for link), and just finished one for February. The theme was hearts, and this is what I came up with.

It went in the mail to the recipient today. Hope she likes it, and hope she isn't one of those people who are opposed to playing cards, lol. 

I have made several and have received some really nice ones. Here are some pictures.

I didn't make this one, received it in a swap. Pretty embroidery!!

They can be displayed either hung on the wall: (Received these in swaps)

Or if you have one, on a doll bed: (received in swap)

Fun stuff eh?? Most of the little quilts I have made have been made for others, though I did keep a few.

Give them a try.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a fun way to play with small. Lovely post - would you mind me showing this link in my next post? This needs some recognition as well it will surely inspire.

Sheila said...

Such sweet little quilts!
When I try to work with such small pieces of fabric, I become all thumbs. I can see you have no such problem :D

DragonPoodle said...

Loved seeing the doll quilts! Adorable.

Lucy said...

The mini quilts are real cute. I love the brown background with circles and squares, with prairie points.

weidemama said...

Hello Wilma

The small quilts look cute, and I have always been close to something for dolls.
I have finally found a proper Wilma as a reader of my blog, thank you Wilma!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Hello my friend. I am finally back on. I do so much LOVE your mini's. I am actually getting hooked on them too and have been looking up mini stuff online. I have been bugging my husband to make some mini furniture.

I still think you and I are very much alike!

Kim D. said...

Love your little heart quilt, it's adorable! Who wouldn't love that one? It's fun to see all the mini's you've collected and I even recognize one. I'm glad it has a happy home.