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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas is over, and now we are looking forward to a New Year. My wedding anniversary is January 3 (39 yrs), and my birthday is January 15 (61 yo), so all of my milestones are right at the beginning of the year. I'm looking forward to this year. Lots of good things to come I'm sure.

I have signed up for a Free Motion Quilting challenge for 2012. There will be tutorials on quilting with your regular sewing machine on a monthly basis. (See sidebar for link). I do well with my mid arm quilter, but I have never mastered doing small things, as well as marking the quilting patterns. I hope to learn a thing or 2. Or 3.

Dave's brother was here for Christmas. We nor his mother hadn't seen him for over 20 years, but he came back into the fold this year. We got to talking about the old days, and I drug out this picture from when I was 24. What a motley looking group. I am on the far left, and Dave is the one on the bottom right (with the long hair) and our 2 kids, Jack and Cari. Why they separated us I will never know, probably because I am short and the picture needed to be balanced. His brother is the tallest one standing.

Dave went for many years after that with short hair, but when Bush sent the military to Iraq, he started letting his hair grow again and said he wouldn't cut it til the troops came home. He got it cut last Friday. (Can I hear a loud collective YAY!!!!?? For the troops coming home, not his haircut...) Needless to say, it was quite long. But now I told him he can't let it grow again til we get a house where he has his own bathroom. I hated dealing with all that hair in the bathtub, lol.

I hope to have lots of quilty things to show you all this year. And I hope 2012 holds many good things for you all too.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! Hope you have an adventurous new year.

black bear cabin said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday...and Happy Reunion with your brother in law after all those years! How nice to get reacquainted and during the holidays! Lifes to short to keep a distance like that!
hugs and Happy New Year too :)
p.s. LOVE the photo!!!

julieQ said...

I am glad he got his hair cut, and glad for the reason...and glad for your reunion!!

Gari said...

I had to laugh when I first saw this picture. I have a picture of our family (DH, me, and the 4 kids) that looks almost just like that. Every time I see it I laugh and am embarassed at the same time.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I spent time in December with my brother for the first significant time in 25 years. He has visited UK a few times since he moved to Australa, and we do Skype, but isnt it lovely to meet again properly. Hope you have a great new year, birthday and anniversary!

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Wish you the best of health and happiness for the New Year.Just keep stitching.

weidemama said...

Hello Wilma
I also wish you a happy new year 2012 and all the best for the family.
By chance I came across your blog and look forward to that too I've found a Wilma!
Love from Wilma aus Deutschland