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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm back!!!

MIL  went to Ohio for a few weeks, so Dave and I are enjoying having the house to ourselves, and also the freedom from worry. We took advantage of the freedom by taking off and spending a few days at the beach, and we were blessed with beautiful weather, and had a great time. There's nothing like the beach and the ocean to make you feel humble.

There is nothing like a sunrise at the beach. We got up and walked to watch the sun come up every day.

Here's a couple more pics. This time of year the beach is quite empty most of the time, but it sure was hot enough to swim.

Can you see that Sky Wheel way off in the distance in the picture above? We walked all the way there on the beach (3 miles) then walked the length of the Boardwalk (2.4 round trip), then walked back to the hotel on the beach. That, plus our 2 mile walk in the morning, mad our walking distance for that day 11 miles!!!! I was tired, but took the opportunity to eat some really good food to offset all that exercise, lol.

We still have a week and a half before we go to pick up MIL, so I will enjoy making messes and not having to clean them up right away, lol.

So, I have made progress on a few things. I had received this kit for a pin cushion at a retreat in 2009, given to me by my sister, and I finally got it made. Man, sometimes I am a slacker.

I also have made some more wool lapel pins. These are so cute, and you can buy similar ones from Land's End for a whopping 20 bucks!!!!! I sell mine for $5.00, lol.

I only had a few pieces of wool for the pins, so my friend, Marcia, from Montana, sent me a box full of wools. I think I have plenty now, and the colors are great!!!! I can't wait to make some pastel pins. Thanks so much Marcia!!!!!

And I am caught up with the Christmas Stitcheries. Only 2 more to go. (The last one isn't trimmed up yet...)

I am working on my second barn embroidery, and am nearly finished with my second pair of knitted socks, so should have more finished things to show in a few.

Think I will keep my pajamas on for most of the day today, lol.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

HA<HA - why do mothers and mil's make us twitch so even though we are adults?? Glad you got some personal time. Wow - 11 miles - and in sand no less. Cute lapel pins and good for you being on schedule with the stitcheries - I'm 2 behind.

Lucy said...

The lapel pins are nice. I like the pink pincushion. Congratulation
on the long walk.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Do enjoy the time alone! Love the pic of the sunset!

quilter000 said...

Welcome home and Happy Halloween!
Everything looks nice and the beach is great! Good batch of woolens too. Patty

DragonPoodle said...

Great crafty stuff! Glad you got to the beach while the weather was still good.

BTW, nice photo of the planet Venus in the sunrise shot. You can impress and amaze your friends and family with your ability to name the planet Venus, and it is super easy. It's the morning star (and also the evening star) that is the first one to show up at dusk, and last one still visible at dawn, right where the sun goes down (or up). It's close to the
sun which is why it works this way. LOL!

Gari said...

Just like a vacation, isn't it? Have a great time during this break.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

It looks like you had a wonderful much needed break. The hike with that fresh air--tiring but so good feeling I bet!