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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making Quilt Labels.....

...without your own graphics program.

I needed a quilt label for a quilt I finished the other day. I usually use Paint Shop Pro for doing graphics, but that program will only work with windows, not on my Mac, and I didn't feel like pulling out the laptop, so...

I went to Avery site, the address label people. They have a really nice free program there to print labels of all kinds. I have used it for many sheets of address labels, small quilt tags, and even business cards.

You start here:

Then pick the category, Specialty Products

Then pick printable fabric sheet from menu.

It brought up this screen, which had the choice I wanted, something for a graduation gift. Click on the picture you want, or upload your own.

It brings up this screen:

Then you rotate and size the picture, remembering it will print on a 8.5 x11" sheet.

Add your text:

Then print it out on pretreated fabric ironed onto freezer paper. Voila, a quilt label!!

Here's mine on the back of the quilt.

I had added a few extra words, but you can get the idea. It was so weird that the one picture from the Avery site was exactly what I wanted and was even the right colors!!!!

No excuse for not putting on a nice label now, is there??

Have a great day.



Roma said...

Great tutorial on how to do this.
Will have to give it a try..


Ellen said...

Very cool - thanks so much for sharing. I didn't know the Avery site was so helpful. The cap & scroll are just perfect! I'm sure your quilt will be treasured.

Belinda said...

Great post!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would not even think of Avery as a label sight, but DUH!! I am certainly going to have to use this idea, thank you for the tutorial.

Gari said...

Well, what do you know. I usually do my labels with my embroidery machine but now I may do some this way. Thanks so much.

black bear cabin said...

Love it! i usually hand write my labels, but these are so much nicer :) ill have to give it a try!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

This beats the fabric pen route I usually take, thank you so much. It never even occurred to me that such a thing existed! Pocahontas sang about 'the things you never knew you never knew' . . . That girl was spot on!

qwendi said...


No excuse now, whatsoever....LOL! I had no idea that Avery had this program. Thanks a bunch!

pollyanna said...

I have a MAC at work and no longer have the graphic program on it. Avery is perfect :)

Wait, soon will no longer have that MAC! Sheesh! But I can use it on my laptop :)

Tonya said...

Well, that is a neat idea! I am horrible about putting labels on quilts.

KaHolly said...

Very informative post, Wilma. You mentioned you begin with 'pretreated fabric' - what does that entail?? I'm excited to give this a try. Hope you have a great day. ~karen

Vesuviusmama said...

I have the same question. What does that mean, a pretreated fabric sheet?

Carolee said...

Thanks, I will have to look into this site. I just write mine on muslin with the special pens. What kind of pre-treatment do you use on your fabric? How does it hold up with washings, as I make all mine to be used .. a lot.