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Monday, April 4, 2011

Thread!!! But no Trip, sigh.

I didn't get to go to Ohio, there was some freezing rain that morning, so I decided to stay home. Was really sorry to miss the kids, but I will see them again soon.

Spent the weekend quilting and binding 3 more Heartstrings quilts. They are washed and dried and ready to donate to the Guardian ad Litem office in Asheville. I'll take pictures and show you.

I did try a new thread (to me) while quilting these out. It is Signature thread, 100% Long Staple Cotton 3000/yds, for 6.95 a cone. I didn't have to change any settings or tension when changing from Aurifil to the Signature, and the price is sooo much lower. I have found a new thread for my retirement.

They have a lot of colors too, and for that price, I plan to try to get them all, one or two at a time, lol.

Go to KenQuilt to see the selection.

Today we're going to cash out all of our change and go to the casino in Cherokee. Then after about a half hour (that's how long it takes us to lose out money...) we will go check out the new visitors center and hike a trail for our daily walk. Should be a good day.



Roma said...

I sure hope you win some Sister.
or at least break even. Have fun and enjoy your day out..

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would be afraid to drive in freezing rain too. Safe is better than sorry. I love the thread site and bookmarked. I use the longarm thread on my domestic machine that I quilt with and it does nicely. Right now trying the new line from Connecting Threads - Quilter's Pro - and very happy with it - and lots of colors, too. Always fun to try new threads that are successful.

Gari said...

Sorry you didn't get to travel but glad you are still smart enough to make good decisions. and your day out sounds like fun.