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Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Tutorial EVER!!!!

My sister sent me this link for the best and most original tutorial I have ever seen. It shows you how to make these:

Not the shoes, but the laces, lol. Are those not the neatest things you have ever seen??? I am definitely going to make some. But I'm wondering if I could use a skinny piece of fabric soaked in Elmer's glue to wind around the end instead of the shrink stuff they use in the tutorial.

The tutorial is by Sara and Sarah . You must go see the tutorial. I am sooo impressed.

What a way to use up those fabric strips. Thanks Sara. Thanks Sarah.



Sara vs. Sarah said...

Thanks for linking to us! Let us know how the Elmer's glue works out.

Lainee said...

Cute idea and thanks for bringing their website to my attention.

quilter000 said...

Sister I think if the Elmers got wet it would not be rolled so I say use the shrink stuff. They are super cute!!! Patty
I can see the grand daughters and great grand daughters wearing these.

Lucy said...

That will really add class to shoes. So neat.

Bonnie- Cotton Way said...

Very cute Wilma, I will have to spice my boot up a little.

Nanci said...

wahoo. this is awesome! thanks so much.