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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Productive Weekend

Pictures!!!! We were walking at the mall last week, and passed by a tobacco shop that smelled sooo good, so we went in to look around. We don't smoke, but they had a lot of neat things. Among them being this stack of cigar boxes that I just couldn't pass up. I got 6 boxes for 14 bucks. They are really nice and some are even made of wood. I'm sure I will find something to do with them....

The charity quilt I did is from the pattern Pointless Stars. It goes together so easily with no points to match. The star fabrics were donated by The Quilting Bee Forum. I call this quilt Cupcakes and Turtle Soup, lol. 
I need to get the binding on this one. It will be donated to the Guardian ad Litem program here in Asheville.

The next picture is the back.

Then there is the picnic quilt. This quilt is so cheerful, but it was a pain to quilt cause I had to miss the rick rack. I meandered them both so I could get them done, plus I couldn't decide on another pattern. 

The next picture is of the back, which I pieced. The binding is on but needs hand stitched done.

It was so nice to quilt these 2 quilts, my Juki just hummed along, didn't break the thread even once!!! And even ran out of bobbin thread at the end of the rows. I have several more to get quilted.

So there is my show and tell for Monday. 



Vesuviusmama said...

I adore the picnic quilt, front and back!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the floral backing for the baby quilt and the name is cute, too. Great job on the picnic quilt - I just finished a picnic quilt too - do we need spring or what?

Brandie said...

Wow, what a productive weekend! Cute quilts, someone is going to love the charity quilt.

Myra said...

Wow! You were productive and your quilts look great. Bonus find on those cigar boxes, lots of uses for those.

Gari said...

I love your picnic quilt. And don't you love it when everything works just right? I think I'll go talk to my machine: it can't run out of bobbin thread except somewhere in the middle.

I want to visit Ashville: I want to see Biltmore. The one time we were there we had just bought two puppies and couldn't leave them in the car so I could tour. Bad timing.

Lucy said...

I love the quilts so nice. you have been busy.

Annette said...

Such fun quilts. I like boxes too...what a great find.