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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sink Hole

A giant sink hole has appeared on our road. There is a poor little goat trapped in the bottom. Here's a picture from about 1600 feet:

Here's a picture from 1 "foot".  :^)

I couldn't resist, lol. This round hole appeared this past week and I was amazed how much it looked like a sinkhole. So I made Dave go to the store and find me some tiny farm animals.

Hope I made you chuckle a bit.



Sewlmate Sister said...

Wilma, I think you've got a little too much time on your hands.....God forbid if you DO retire this year!!! LOL

lesthook said...

Ha ha! I was suspicious. Reminds me of the time I left a bag of naked barbie dolls on the porch and the dogs had them strewn all over the yard. It looked like a barbie graveyard out there,LOL!

black bear cabin said... totally had me there :) fun! thanks for the laughs!!!

Pokey said...

*VBG* pokey

Gari said...

You are nutz!! :-)