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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Being Short

I love my bib overalls, long pants and shorts. But the straps are always so long, and I have fought with them forever. In order for them to keep the pants crotch at the right height, the little metal thingy always ended up almost behind my shoulders where the strap is too fat to lie nicely. So, I cut down the straps, got rid of the metal thingy that slides, and shortened them to the correct length. Then I found these cute buttons to sew on. Now the pants stay at the right height. Yay!!!

Sometimes a plan actually does work, lol.



black bear cabin said...

as a fellow short person, i am always looking for new ideas :) great job...and the buttons are a cute touch!

Sarah said...

Very cute idea!! You shouldn't have chopped off your head in the photo...would have liked to see you too! :)

Pokey said...

Looks like a pretty neat fix, I like it!

Kim D. said...

Good idea Wilma.. I'm almost 5'6" and I've had trouble with those straps before, so I can imagine how long they must be for a shorter person. Glad you solved the problem.