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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Nook

After looking at Kindles and other readers, and checking out the camparisons, I went ahead and bought the Nook from Barnes and Noble.

I like the way it works, and the web browser is cool. You can also download music. It took me quite some time to get it connected to my wifi as I lost my password, lol. But now all is well and connected. (Dave is reading the first book on it cause I'm still reading a paperback.) And with the Nook, you can lend a book to a friend (who has a Nook of course) for 14 days. That's a very nice feature.

I love it so far. Isn't technology great???

Oh, did you notice the changes in blogger? Now you can pick any of your already uploaded images in your blog to add to current posts. 


Sarah said...

Very cool! I was looking at that the other day. I think I still like the feel of holding a book, but that just seems way more convenient.

Gari said...

I got my Nook for Christmas and have really been enjoying it. I still read regular books, too, but I like that I can fit it in my purse and read anywhere. Have fun.