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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Could spring be here????

Ahhh. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, full of sunshine and warmth, FINALLY!!! We went to the Davidson River area and went hiking along the river. There was still some snow on the trail in the shady spots, but it was a great time. Weird walking with only a vest in the snow and still being warm.

Spent last week at the beach. One day it rained, so we went to a movie, and I made 2 more Jane Stickel blocks for a grand total of 16, lol.

I had forgotten how quickly these go, even with hand piecing. I will never get them all done so I have decided that whenever I get enough for a decent sized wall hanging, I'm gonna stop there. That way I can pick and choose the ones I want to make, ie: the easy ones, lol. My blocks are 5" unfinished.

I'm in the process of making a couple of purses at the moment, and plan to make a tissue holder and wallet to go with each, like my sister always does. Then I will decide what to do with them.

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day too, so we will go somewhere to hike, I'm sure. We're not used to being off on the weekends, so the increase of people is quite distracting. I much prefer going during the week when all the kids are in school. (Except for those dreaded home schooled ones, they are everywhere ALL the time...)



Nanci said...

we are having spring weather her in Ontario too! It's in the mid 50s which is warm for March. People were out in shorts, covertible tops down, and even a few with sandals. It's coming to an end though, but it's what we live for in Canada....spring.
Yes, it's March break in some areas of the province and we saw all kinds of those pesky soon to be adults out on skateboards yesterday too!