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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where have I been???

Time has gotten away from me. I have been sewing sewing sewing and not posting here. But now I have pictures!! Oh, and let me say for those of you that I used to "follow", I no longer do that. I found I can keep up with your blogs easier by checking the list on the sidebar of MY blog. I never did go read anything on the followers list. So, I am still following you all, just not in the biblical sense, lol.

OK, pictures. I made this construction playmat for my step great grandson, Ryan. He just had a baby sister and I didn't want him to feel left out, so I made this. (I'm sure you must have seen the announcement about my new great granddaughter somewhere, as I think I have told everyone, lol. Her name is Mackenzie. I am very proud!!) If you look closely, you can see the heavy equipment toys. They are just like the machines on the mat. Dave had to play with these for a while. He can still make truck noises, even in his advanced age, lol.

Next, I got to play with my sister's KenQuilter and finished up a quilt I did last year. It was a BOM from Claudia's Quilt Shoppe . It ended up being a huge quilt, much too big for my super quilter, so I used my sister's machine. I did an all over meander for the quilting, and I really like the way it came out. Dave had a hard time holding it up, he was saying hurry up, it's heavy!, and I'm saying hold it higher, it's touching the ground!! LOL. It's a pretty quilt though.

I also made an apron from a pattern I found somewhere, can't remember where, but it is a pretty basic one. It was fun to do.

So, that's all for now.

We took a really nice waterfall hike this week and hopefully I can get the pictures downloaded soon. It was awesome. Will post about that next.


Only 140 more working days til I retire!!!


Sarah said...

I love the construction quilt...I made one with the same panel for my son. :) And your block of the month is just beautiful!

Carrie P. said...

Great to see what you have been up to. All are beautiful.

free indeed said...

Ah huh! Wilma, you are the wilma in the block lotto! I saw your March blocks peeking out behind the apron..hehe. I'm one of the winners this month, but you arent' mailing to me. That is a great idea for the construction quilt...I'll have to remember that when a new baby arrives and there are older boys in the house. Now to find a cool panel like that.

Crispy said...

As usual Wilma, you have a lot of great projects completed. The BOM from Claudia is really wonderful. I don't think guys ever loose the ability to make truck noises, they are all children at heart anyway LOL.


Debi said...

The construction quilt wonderful, my grandson would love it. Your scrappy quilt is awesome, the colors are so bright and cheery.

GARI said...

Love your quilt but even more love the 140 days until retirement.

Jan said...

The construction quilt is perfect for big and little boys!! Love your big quilt--the colors are great! Retirement will be here before you know it!!