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Monday, December 8, 2008

My Newly Found Clover Mini Iron and a Sweet Swap Wallhanging

I don't know if many of you have a Clover mini iron, but I just HAD to have one years ago when they first came out. I remember having to wait to get mine because they had so many orders, lol. Anyway, I had never used it in all these years. Last night, as I was working on small applique pieces for my December Quilter's Dozen, I remembered I had it. So I got it out, let it warm up for a LONG time (my biggest complaint had always been that it didn't get hot enough) , and lo and behold, it works great! What I like best is that unlike the regular iron, it doesn't make such a large area of "hotness" while I am pressing around the pieces. Maybe I will actually get my money's worth out of it!!

Of course the tiny iron rest that comes with it doesn't work well. Someone told me about a holder and after I looked at the picture I had Dave make me one. He did it in about 20 minutes. And he's not even handy, lol. Here's a picture. It works great. So now I am all set to applique up a storm.

I was in a swap with my ABC Quilters group. We were to make a 12-14" block and make it into a wallhanging. I got real lucky with having Naomi have my name. She made the cutest Christmas tree. I love it. Of course, here's a picture.

Now I must go and watch the Panthers beat (hopefully) Tampa Bay.

Til next time,

Only 168 more working days til I retire.


Sarah said...

What a cute it! Are those buttons sewn on as the ornaments??

Wilma NC said...

Sarah, the buttons are indeed sewn on as the ornaments and presents. Aren't they sweet?

karenfae said...

I have one of those little clover irons also but have rarely used it as it doesn't get hot enough. Did you have to heat yours for a long time to use it?