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Friday, October 24, 2008

Thinking of Christmas

Well, shoot. And I was doing so well at posting. I guess the time just got away from me.

I've been thinking of Christmas gifts to make as the time is getting closer, lol. Have you tried the coasters made from wrapped clothesline? They are so sweet! Here's a picture. (The red one hasn't had his haircut yet.) My sister showed me how to make these and now I'm addicted. The size will vary depending on the size of clothesline you use. Use a thick twine and make smaller and you have a Christmas ornament. The most time consuming part is wrapping the fabric strips around the line. If anyone is really interested, I can post the instructions.

It's nice cool crisp weather here in western NC, and the leaves are peaking in color right now. It's beautiful!!! You should come for a visit sometime.

I finished my October wallhanging for the Quilter's Dozen. Love these patterns!! They have all been so pretty. And it makes me try different freemo quilting. You can't see the little birds bill, lol. But rest assured, he does have one.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. Til next time.



only 25 months til I retire!!!