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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I made something....

Well, I kinda got out of my little sewing slump. Started rooting around and found some things I want to do. And actually finished one thing.

I have 3 great grandkids in Minnesota, 1 boy, and 2 little girls. It seems like most of the time the things I enjoy making most are girly stuff. And the boy gets left out. Sooooo, I found out that his interest has went from Spiderman to Legos, and decided to make him a LEGO pillow. His birthday isn't until later in the year, and if he is still into Legos, he will get a crap load of them from me, lol. I eyeballed the Lego logo (say that 5 times real fast!!) and put that on. Then decided some little legos would be cute. I didn't really want to appliqué the little bumps on the pieces, so I found polkadots that looked OK. He's only 5, so I'm sure he will like it, if only to use to hit his little sisters.

Then I found these small thimbles that I got from a swap a few years ago. They need to go into a small quilt. Might make this one for myself, and use the idea for the Monthly Doll Quilt swap in a coming month.

So, I haven't done a lot, but at least I did something!!

I really should make a bingo card, if I could just get motivated.



weidemama said...

Hello Wilma
The Lego pillow is great and well suited for a boy, a good idea for the logo!
It's good to read something from you!
Greetings from Wilma

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the Lego Logo, Lego Logo, Lego Logo pillow case! Even typing it 3 times was hard - sounds like a train chugga! A thimble mini would be so special. We only need the flimsie of the bingo card with a list - so sew 25 blocks together sweetie.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

The Lego logo is perfect, we have a Legoland just half a dozen miles away, and love it there - I used Lego bricks to plan my kitchen!

Claudiana (25/11/2010) said...

Bom dia, tudo bem?
Entrei para conhecer seu cantinho. Gostei muito de tudo que vi. Parabéns o blog está lindo. Depois passa lá no meu cantinho também, será um prazer, ótima semana pra vc, bjs

black bear cabin said...

the lego pillow is cool...hes gonna love it! and the thimbles are cool too! looks like youre off to a good start :)