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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hipster dufus

First, just to let everyone know, I will draw for the winner of my giveaway on Sunday, early am.

Now on to quilty things. I absolutely hate carrying a purse, or even a shoulder bag ,(I hate the way the bag makes my boob pooch out, lol), and have tried many ways to carry my stuff. So, I finally had to make my own. I used bits and pieces from patterns of other bags I have made, and came up with a nice hipster bag. ( I always think of hipster dufus from Seinfeld...)

I sewed together strips of leftovers from that neverending Bliss fat quarter bundle, layered them and quilted to make a rectangular piece of fabric. I sewed the zipper in, then rotated it down about 3 inches before sewing up the sides and rounded bottom. I made a strap, then sewed the bag to the strap using the area above the zipper. the ends of the strap are connected with 2 d-rings. It workd perfectly, and it hangs right on my hips, and holds my wallet, keys, ipod, and cell phone. I am a happy lady, and my hands are always free.

Oh Oh OH!!!! Look what was in my yard a little bit ago....a storm with hail came through and left this in my yard just for a few minutes.

You could see both ends, but I couldn't get them in the same picture. Very weird. No pot o' gold though.

I will see you all on Sunday for the giveaway announcement.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very cool hip bag - I used a 'fanny pack' for so long it fell apart, I like this very much and may just have to give it a go. Thank you for the idea. So cool to have a mini rainbow in your yard - I don't think I have ever seen a small one like this. I would take it as a sign of luck for sure.

quilter000 said...

Sister you will soon earn a spot on the Moda group .Nice bag and sounds easy . I know you had fun making this one.

Myra said...

Neat bag Wilma. You are very creative. Cool rainbow too. Have a great weekend!

Marcia said...

Love your Hipster Dufus! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Roma said...

i will try again.. a great use of the bits and pieces. and I shall wait for

Tonya said...

Neat! I don't carry purses either. Just not my thing at all. For now I am at diaper bag stage again (still shaking my head at that!) but when I used to hike so much I HAD to have my bibbed overalls. All those pockets...who needs a bag?
I may have to try a Hipster Dufus when I get to finally lose a diaper bag again.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I carry so much stuff - wish I could downsize to a bag that size, it's great. I LOVE the mini rainbow, how great is that!

KaHolly said...

Love that hip bag! Necessity is the mother of invention, and that saying certainly applies here! Well done.