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Friday, January 14, 2011

Useful Bargains

The snow finally let up yesterday and the sun came out and melted off the roads, though I don't know how cause it only got up to 29 degrees. But, it did allow us to go out for a bit. Most people did not clean their sidewalks, so Dave and I decided to walk at the mall just so we could walk normally and be without 6 layers of clothing. We start our walk from Sears ( I think Dave likes to start there because there is a bathroom , lol). We walked about 50 feet and saw the after Christmas sale on decorations, 90% off!!! We just had to look. I found these:

I had noticed them at Christmas but didn't think they looked like Christmas ornaments. They were $2.99 each, sale price: 29 cents!! They are made of felt with a really nice button. Thought they would make a nice embellishment for something. We also got a tree topper that was $14.99 for a whopping $1.49. I felt like a shopping diva.

At Christmas, Dave and I each got ourselves an iPod Touch, but we still wanted to get each other something to open on Christmas Day. So we made a $5.00 limit. (I might have mentioned this before.) He got me $5.00 worth of lottery tickets, and I got him this from Harbor Freight:

It's the long handled thing leaning on the wall. The little round end is a magnet that will pick up 25 pounds!! Well, I found a use for it quickly. I drop my needles and pins all the time, and they invariably go under the love seat. I take this little wand and sweep under there, and it picks them all up!! And I don't have to get on the floor. So it will stay right there. And it was on sale for $4.99!!

Don't you love bargains??



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just love those felt flowers - what a bargain. I have one of those magnetic wands too and just love it, but it doesn't get my 'gold' needles I use for cross stitch and I find those with my feet (barefoot or just socks).