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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well, this might be the easiest giveaway ever, lol. Might just have to go eeny meeny miney moe, lol. Or flip a coin. Oh well, I really want to give away the brand new book, so I will post the giveaway with my next post.

Went up on the Parkway yesterday, the leaves are just about gone due to the rain and wind. Sigh. Another beautiful Fall gone. It was really pretty until you got to the highest elevations, then the fog set in. You can see in this picture how low the clouds were. No rain though. And the sun on the valley was beautiful.

Ok. The giveaway will be my next post. I sure hope someone wants this book.



Barbara said...

Good morning, Wilma. Read in the Asheville newspaper y'day that the storms had blown down most of the leaves. I live in Columbia SC and may try to hike in Gorges State park later this week - love your photo - that is such a beautiful spot any time of the year

Roma said...

Well look at this1 Seems I am one day

I will try again tomorrow..

your sister, Ro

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Roma gave me a shout out and I will be back tomorrow. I have visited your site before. The book you are offering, I just read a review about and the projects look so cute - you are very generous. - I'll be back

quilter000 said...

I'll be back!!!!

Linda said...

Wilma - I love your picture. We were there in 1996. . .on our way home from the Olympics in Atlanta. We stopped at Chimney Rock first and did the upper trails. We had such a blast!!