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Friday, June 18, 2010

How does our garden grow?

The garden is doing well this year. Except for the corn. We had our first bad thunderstorm and half of the corn went over, so we had to go out and put it back up. We have this problem every year, but the corn we get is always worth the hassle. Plus all the wet weather has made the weeds impossible to keep up with. But hey, the plants still grow, lol. We're going to have way more summer squash then we will be able to use.

We have fruit trees in the front yard that we planted a couple of years ago, I think each one had 1 or 2 pieces of fruit last year, but this year they are loaded. The poor little apple tree can barely handle the weight of the apples. Hundreds of peaches, and hundreds of pears.

I don't know if these will good to eat or not, but I will certainly try them.

We also planted 4 blueberry bushed 2 years ago. Last year I had 3 blueberries (which I ate!!). This year there were more. We had to put a little fence around the bushes cause the rabbits kept gnawing at the bushes. The birds left the berries alone though.

Here's a picture of the berries I got this year. I'm going to have them on my cereal this morning!!

We should be getting zucchini soon, there are a few big ones, but I am waiting most patiently for the tomatoes. My favorite.

Don't you just love a pretty garden?



Sarah said...

Wow...what a great garden!!!

Myra said...

It looks like you are going to have a bountiful harvest Wilma. I am waiting on my tomatoes too.

quilter000 said...

Wilma nice garden. The fruit trees will be great come fall. Are you going to make any peach jam? that is the best! see you in July

Gari said...

I am always impressed when people can grow a garden like yours. I have a black thumb, don't like dirt under my nails and it is too hot outside to pull weeds. I guess thats why I have to buy all my stuff at the farmer's market. ;-)