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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Stuff and a threader

As you know I am going to be a great grandmother in April, so I have been on a baby things sewing frenzy. I am working on her (it's a girl!!) quilt but made a few other things. Found this pattern on a blog and just couldn't resist. They are burp cloths and bibs from Moda Bake Shop and are just the sweetest things. The burp cloths are made from prefolded diapers. The strap for the bibs is for all of them and is made from ribbon and suspender clips and embellishments.

Now about that threader. My sister, Roma, gave me this for my birthday. I have never had a threader that worked for very long, or worked very well for that matter, but this one is great. I don't know who makes it, but I'm sure you can buy them lots of places. I highly recommend this product.



Veronica said...

You've been holding out on me, Wilma! lol These bibs and burp cloths are great! Thanks for the site link. I've GOT to run to WalMart!

Carrie P. said...

Congrats on being a great grandma. You sure don't look old enough to be a great grandma. I saw those baby things on bake shop. There is a lot of neat stuff there.

Myra said...

Those are precious!

Sarah said...

That baby stuff is too cute! I love the fabric that you chose!

I make some embellished burp clothes too and use them as baby gifts.

quilter000 said...

Wilma the bibs and cloths are so cute and aren't they fun to do? Hey I have seen those threaders and have heard good things on them happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

They burp cloth and bib, and only the most popular bakeries lovely things.

Elaine from 1st babies