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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What to do when there is NO gas??? QUILT!!

This has been a bizarre week in western NC. Since the last hurricane, they say the Colonial Piepline that services my area, is way down in the amount of gas it is providing. There is absolutely NO gas in my little town, and in the big city of Asheville, maybe 3 out of 15 stations have any gas at all, and it is usually gone several hours after they get it. The lines are horrible, so much so that the police have to be there to direct traffic and prevent fighting. So, what does one do when stuck at home? Well, I sewed and sewed and sewed, lol. And I'll sew more today.

I bought this kit for these houses using a template set from the Tennessee Quilt Shop in Jonesborough a while back. What caught our attention is the unique Christmas fabrics used. I love these!! Here's pictures of the finished top and a closeup of the fabric line. So pretty.
christmas houses fabrics

Hopefully this gas thing will get over quickly. We are to leave for our vacation on Sunday the 28th (Cruise from Jacksonville to Key West and Nassau, then spend the weekend at St. Augustine, where I'm hoping to get some help from the Fountain of Youth!!!) I have a full tank of gas that we are absolutely saving so when we leave, we're hoping after we get away from this area we can find gas, as one tank won't quite get us to our destination. If there's no gas there, we will vacation for a week wherever we end up, lol. Wish us luck.

26 months til I retire!!


Jan said...

What a neat quilt! Love the fabric! Hope you can find gas "on up the road!" Good Luck!!!

Wilma NC said...

Thanks Jan!

pollyanna said...

Your christmas houses are really cute! And wow! I can hardly believe there is no gas. Wow! Perhaps you will retire sooner than expected just to avoid driving!